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Hi, I'm Johnny Cash

Keith Furry is well aware of the complexities surrounding Johnny Cash, in fact, he embraces them. "One of my favorite lines to describe Johnny Cash is from the book 'Cash' by Rolling Stone magazine: 'Sinner, Saint, Rebel, Voice of Protest, Man of Faith', says Furry, leader of the tribute band Walkin' With Cash.

Hailed as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, Cash had that rarest of crossover appeals, having earned induction into the Rock n Roll, Country and Gospel Halls of Fame. Furry captures those intricacies with a fan's eagerness and a musician's skill. From his note perfect trembling baritone voice to his all black outfits, every detail rings true during a Walkin' With Cash show.

Of course, much of Cash's music, particularly toward the end of his stellar career, focused on moral questions and the search for redemption but Furry's rendition of this often dark and mysterious superstar never translates into a dour, over-serious experience on stage. Instead, Furry delves deep into the Cash catalog shining a spotlight on every corner of this legend-from his rockabilly beginnings to his flirty duets with wife June Carter Cash, expertly recreated in the Walkin' With Cash performances by Jan Daily.

It would be hard to portray Johnny Cash and not be somewhat playful and heartwarming, "He had a wicked sense of humor" Furry says, "I'm there to have a good time and it shows". For the enthusiastic, late-blooming Furry, there's no other way to perform.

Furry originally unveiled his imitation of Johnny Cash on a lark and a new passion was born. He was a percussionist and backup vocalist for a local Elvis tribute band, The Blue Suede Crew. "The lead singer needed a break to change costumes during the show and asked if I knew anyone that could sing like Johnny Cash. I surprised him by belting out "Folsom Prison Blues" and that's how I started my tribute to The Man in Black", Furry remembers.

Along with Scott Wattles, as Elvis, The Blue Suede Crew became an almost instant regional draw and even recorded at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, TN, birthplace of the mythical careers of both Cash and Presley.

Perhaps, inevitably, Furry's star continued to rise and he subsequently established a stand-alone project devoted to The Man in Black called Walkin' With Cash. The group promptly established its own network of fans across the area.

"I try to keep it as true to the original as possible," Furry says, "Cash's musical career was over a 50 year span and we cover as much as possible from the memorable 1954 hit single "Hey Porter" to "Rusty Cage" (from the Grammy winning 1996 project "Unchained") and all the heavy hitters in between."

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